Warehousing Overview

At Boxes Inc., we provide warehousing services because we know many customers like to commission the production of a higher volume of product than their immediate demand requires, and we’re here to help satisfy your specific needs, whatever they may be. When production is finished, we’re happy to ship any product currently needed immediately while warehousing the rest for shipment on a later date.

Our expansive warehousing space is built to accommodate even the most extensive warehousing needs. Our computerized inventory system and bar-coded organization system give us quick and accurate access to customers’ warehoused products whenever they’re needed.

As part of our all-encompassing commitment to customer service, our approach to custom packaging production and fulfillment also includes the automatic warehousing of a small amount of our customers’ finished product. We hold extra product for customers in the event there is an issue, loss, breakage, or other unforeseen problem in the first 30-60 days after production is completed. This enables us to ship replacement product immediately, helping to minimize our customers’ inconvenience.